Fotona Laser for tattoo removal


As a medical skin care clinic, at Avenue Advanced Skin Care, we have access to the most advanced, medical grade laser tattoo removal technologies. Based in Melbourne, we utilise the Fotona QX Max laser to provide superior laser tattoo removal or fading.

Fotona QX Max laser is the most effective laser for removing complex, multi-coloured tattoos. Its medical grade, multi-wavelength technology produces very short pulses that safety pass through the top layers of skin and are selectively absorbed by tattoo pigments. Pigment is then broken into tiny particles that are discarded by the body’s own immune system.


Results may vary from patient to patient.


Medical grade Fotona Q-Switch Laser technology for superior results


Highest Single-Pulse Engery for Maximum Effectiveness

Fotona QX Max laser uses single-pulse technology to reach and remove deeper structures. This means more significant results with fewer treatments.

Multi-wavelengths for Multi-coloured Tattoos

Fotona QX Max laser offers four wavelengths in one system, enabling us to treat tattoos of all colours.

Homogenous Laser Beams for Safer and More Precise Treatments

Homogenous laser beam profiles are safer and more accurate since laser energy is evenly distributed across the tattoo. Damage to surrounding skin cells is minimised and the risk of bleeding and textural changes in the skin are decreased.




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