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What is acne?

Acne is a very common skin condition that can become chronic, and can cause extrodinary distress to sufferers. People of all ages can be affected some despite having had an acne-free youth. Acne can present as open comedones (whiteheads), closed comedones (blackheads), papules, pustules, nodules or cysts.

At Avenue Advanced Skin Care we see clients that suffer from all severities of acne. We understand that skin care is not just about improving skin health but also about improving self-confidence.

What causes acne?

Acne occurs when oil and dead skin cells become trapped within an enlarged oil gland, creating a blockage. This blockage of dead skin cells and excel oil is called a comedone. A comedone turns into acne when it becomes inflamed, which happens due to bacteria that lives in the skin called propionibacterium acnes.

Other acne causing factors can include:

  • Genetics
  • Sudden hormonal changes (such as adolescence, menstruation or menopause)
  • Hormonal disorders (such as polycystic ovaries)
  • Using the wrong skincare products
  • Possible dietary factors
  • Medications
  • Emotional stress

The causes of acne are multi-factorial and different for each person, and therefore acne treatments used vary from person to person. Treatments need to be tailored to the severity of the acne present, the ability to identify and avoid certain triggers. If acne is left untreated, scarring can result.

Acne management

The treatment of acne is a highly specialised area of medical skin care, and we have over 10 years’ experience. We can offer a safe and effective approaches to the treatment of acne with a wide range of treatment options such as; Healite II LED Light Therapy, Fotona Laser for Acne, Diathermy, HydraFacial and Chemical Peels. In some cases internal health supplements, such as Miss Vitality, may also be discussed to help support the skin throughout the management of acne.

All treatments are supported by the recommendation of cosmeceutical skin care and mineral non-comedogenic makeup. Our Dermal Clinicians provide clients with a tailored skin care program to help maintain and strengthen treatment results. Topical cosmeceutical skin care will help to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, control oil flow and promote overall skin health.

We are also able to support your skin if you are under the guidance of a dermatologist, alternative medicine practitioner or are on medications for your acne.

A consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians will help assist you in your decision about which treatment will best suit your goals and lifestyle. The first step is simply contacting us for your initial skin analysis and consultation, where we will discuss with you what is a realistic and achievable outcome, and what to expect from your treatment.

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