Avenue Plastic Surgery Announce Launch of Fat Transfer Australia!

25th May 2018

Our partners at Avenue Plastic Surgery are very excited to announce the official launch of their new Fat Transfer Australia website! Our founder Dr Allan Kalus has been instrumental in popularising and developing the process…

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Our Dermal Therapist Lilly shares her skin do’s and don’ts…

12th January 2018

Lilly is a qualified dermal therapist with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, and has been a part of the team at Avenue Advanced Skin Care for over 8 years. Here she shares her…

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The in’s and out’s of pigmentation and how to treat it

28th November 2017

What Is Pigmentation? Pigmentation are spots or darker patches of skin caused by excess production of melanin and are typically caused by hormones, the sun or inflammation from trauma. There are many different types of…

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Makeup Artist Monica Gingold shares her skin tips and tricks

26th October 2017

Melbourne based makeup artist, Monica Gingold has been both recognised and mentored by Rae Morris and Nigel Stanislaus, leading her to be the chosen make up artist for “it” girls Steph Claire Smith, Elyse Knowles and Brooke…

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Anna Weatherlake from Earth By Anna shares her secrets to healthy skin

14th September 2017

Anna Weatherlake is an animal advocate, food enthusiast, traveller, Journalism graduate, plant-based nutrition coach and the creator of popular blog - Earth by Anna. Here are her secrets to healthy skin.. What is the first thing you…

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One Day Bridal’s Stephanie Scott Shares Her Skin Secrets

09th August 2017

One Day Bridal was founded in 2011 and has cemented itself within the fashion industry as a leader of uniquely designed wedding gowns. Constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional bridal, this Melbourne based bridal boutique…

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Skin Solutions For Men

02nd August 2017

As a modern man, you understand that your skin (especially your face) announces your health, age and vitality to everyone you meet. To feel confident and present the best version of yourself, it pays to…

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Jackie Gillies From Real Housewives Shares Her Skin Regime

31st July 2017

In addition to being an AASC regular, Jackie Gillies is a businesswoman, Psychic Medium, television personality, philanthropist, wife, and a proud role model for positive body image. Sassy, inspirational and adventurous, she devours this dynamic…

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5 winter skin essentials

07th June 2017

Now is the time to reassess your skin. They say that summer bodies are made through winter…well the same rule applies for your skin! Use this time to take care of yourself and build the…

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Who is administering your injectable treatments?

03rd May 2017

Until now – maybe you have haven’t given too much thought as to the qualifications of the person performing your injectable treatments. With anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers becoming an increasingly popular treatment choice for…

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