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Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner

Jane graduated from Shanghai Medical University with a Bachelor of Medicine before moving to Melbourne where she obtained her Nursing Registration in 1997 and more recently her Nurse Practitioner Endorsement. Jane is a highly skilled member of the team with experience in General Medicine, Gerontology, Cosmetic Injections and Plastic Surgery.

Jane has been injecting with Avenue Advanced Skin Care for almost ten years performing anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin hydration boosters, PRP (platlete rich plasma) therapy, non-surgical rhinoplasty, fat transfer and thread lift procedures. Jane is also a highly skilled surgical nurse for Avenue Plastic Surgery, and assists Mr Kalus with a range of procedures in theatre and in the post-operative dressings clinic.

Jane has attained her Masters of Advanced Nursing Practice degree coupled with a proven record of many advanced clinical hours and extended clinical practice and is enabled by legislation to prescribe and refer within the cosmetic field of medicine and to function autonomously and collaboratively.

Jane believes in a holistic approach to skin and providing her patients with comprehensive treatment options and realistic expectations. Her artistic and subtle touch produces natural looking results which continue to exceed her patients expectations.


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