Year: 2015

The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup

26th November 2015

Mineral makeup first hit the market in the 1970s as a makeup alternative for those with hyper-sensitive skin. Since… Read More

Innovative laser treatment provides new hope for rosacea sufferers

12th November 2015

A new study in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology describes the experience of 66 undergoing laser treatment… Read More

The newest weapon in anti-ageing

27th October 2015

Introducing the Vital Injection Gun Heralded as “better than 1000 facial masks” by industry experts, the Vital Injection Gun… Read More

Break-up with Bad Skin

25th August 2015

Kick these skin care faux-pas for gorgeous skin 1. Wearing make-up to bed Sleeping in make-up clogs your pores,… Read More

Why you should always double cleanse at night

15th August 2015

Would you wax your car without washing it first? The same applies to your cleansing routine at night. The… Read More

Our Skin Care Non-negotiables

20th June 2015

When it comes to a healthy complexion, prevention is always better than treatment. That’s why we’ve developed three skin… Read More

Is THAT a pimple or a cold sore?

01st May 2015

You spot a small red bump on your face dangerously close to your lips. You start to stress and… Read More

Anti-wrinkle Injectables VS. Tissue Fillers: Everything You Need To Know

15th April 2015

Google ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ and you’ll get some 520,000 responses. That’s a heap of information! We can’t blame you for feeling… Read More

The Best Ever Exfoliation For Your Skin

21st March 2015

You may be cleansing, toning and moisturising but if you’re not exfoliating, your skin isn’t as healthy as it… Read More


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